About Always Young

About Always YoungThe idea of an online boutique that caters for young girls (tweens) came out of the pure frustration of a mother looking for suitable clothing for her growing daughters for all occasions. They are at an age where they are not yet teenagers, but are no longer little girls anymore and I found that they want to buy clothing that is really not suitable for their young, growing bodies or they look longfully at the beautiful clothing that is made for the younger girl usually only up to size 7.

I found that finding beautiful clothing for my daughters from size 8 upwards to be a real chore. I am not saying that there is not anything out there that is suitable, what I am saying though is there is not much in the way of choice.

So, I decided that the only way I was going to find what I was looking for and have a choice, and all in the one place, was to open my own online boutique and to source out, not only local designers that cater for this age group but international designers as well.

I believe that I have found an amazing mix of designers/labels that all compliment each other in both style and in budget.

I hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with Always Young.

-- Tina xx